Plumbers in the UK Are Still In High Demand : UK Construction News

Plumbers in the UK Are Still In High Demand

The majority of homeowners still depend on a qualified plumber to fix basic problems in their property such as a leaky tap, according to a recent study. A great way to find a plumber is to use the internet.

Findings by In-Home 24, a group that maintains over 140,000 housing association properties, revealed that British plumbers are still indispensable and that plumbers’ skills are still very much in demand. The majority of people surveyed confessed that they have no idea how to fix a rudimentary plumbing problem and often or not they call in expert help.

The survey found that despite plumbers being essential, they are still stereotyped as lazy and too expensive but one in six women claim that the tradespeople are polite.

However the research also showed that over 70% of Britons believe that plumbers are too expensive and only one in eight think they are highly qualified. What is more, 15% associate people working in the trade with bum cleavage.

Jayne Ball, a spokesperson from In-Home 24, said that plumbing is a vital service for every home but that it is up to plumbers to provide a clear, friendly service.

She added: “This research shows the profession still has a long way to go in order to overcome the old stereotypes. Indeed, recent news regarding plumbers who have failed to be transparent with their pricing only underlines the profession’s image crisis.”

One way for plumbers to break down the barrier is to provide high quality, affordable products and services. The is a leading website that enables householders and installers to buy top plumbing and heating products for the home with confidence. Whether it is plumbing or heating related; the experts are at hand to help you find the products at the right price.

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