Stopping the Damp Proofing Scams. Exposing the PCA.


Logging on today, I was surprised to see the total views to date have been over 25,000, and feedback is clear in the industry that the public now have a clear perception of a PCA Surveyor and his qualifications.

Of course there are some exceptional PCA members, Trace basements are an extremely qualified outfit and have this blogs total respect. Proper Graduate Surveyors, but the “Bryan Hindles” of this world leave most others to be desired and an example of all that’s wrenched about this industry. He has now started calling himself “Mr Survey”.

His insistence on calling himself a Surveyor is ridiculous he’s no more than a labourer, leaving school at 16 with absolutely nothing more than a few O’Levels. Nice guy I’m sure but a Surveyor? You must be joking.

How does the PCA award him? Appointing him to be a mentor, it’s what this blog is all about exposing this kind of absurd behaviour, let’s not forget the PCA technical manager is himself without any professional qualifications, maybe they see themselves as passing off as real Surveyors, but I have news gentleman you’ve been found out!

Why don’t these people take some evening classes and gain some A Levels then enrol on a 3 year University course like the rest of us have done! Then you can call yourselves professional.

Did you all know, this blog was the reason for the “Which investigation” on the PCA? I am about to give “Which” an update on the PCA, keep watching this blog.

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  1. Richard G Johnson Ltd

    This post is from a man called Graham Steele who runs a sham franchise dampproofing business. Many franchisees have lost money (around £20k each) and his previous company has over £25k of unpaid CCJ’s. He has been rejected by the PCA and the GPI and has started a vendetta against the whole industry. You can judge for yourselves at His own qualifications have never been tested because he refuses to say what they are. Many believe if he does indeed have any they are not industry related.

  2. We’ll leave this blog post up and comments active to allow an open debate, however, any comments deemed to be defamatory will potentially not be posted or at least moderated, As such please be careful when using certain types of words when contributing.


  3. Richard G Johnson Ltd

    Thank you for coments and the neutral stance you have taken tradesman4u.

    I have been investigating Mr Garham Steele and the Lifecote ‘brand’ since October last year. The blog went live in January and was initiated due to Steele buying my domian name and then publishing a page which contained defamatory statements. The hosting ISP agreed and took the site down. Twitter also took down a twitter account that he used to pass off as me. All I ask is that you visit my blog and judge for yourselves. If anyone should need corroborating evidence I have it. i have not published anything on the blog that can’t be backed up. Perhaps that is why after 4 months he has not despite his threats sent so much as a solicitors letter. is owned by Steele and he uses it to publish highly defamatory comments against people and companies who have stood up to him.His behaviour is dispicable. His main abuse is targeted at the PCA which is the respected preservation industry body. The PCA successfully sued Steele/Lifecote and he was ordered to pay a five figure sum to them by the court. He has since then pursued his campaign with avengence.

    I am sure you will all judge for yourselves. If any body has any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

  4. Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW

    Hi All,

    I am the Bryan Hindle the faceless damproofingblog mentions. I’ve run my little firm for over 25 years – same company number, no CCJ’s. A career being the best I can, for my staff and my clients and my suppliers.. boring but there are many just like me. I discovered the damproofinblog last September and was appalled at the disgusting stuff spouted on it; about the Property Care Association and many of the members; people I know and respect; hard working honest people.

    When I objected I was variously threatened with the use of false reviews about my business and indeed the blog suddenly was full of bad things about my obscure little firm here in Yorkshire and others who had objected were treated the same. I have the emails – they are shocking in the venom and threatening content – I have to admit that I was upset and became depressed. Despite requests he always hid his identity and if anything, that feeling of disempowerment – not knowing who the tormentor is, made things much worse. My family and staff became a target too and that hurt me a great deal, knowing that my actions had brought this negative attention on them.

    Now, with Richard Johnson’s wonderful support we all know who the man behind this bile is; His name is Graham Steele who runs Lifecote – this is fact, read Richard G Johnsons blog.

    In the most shockingly cynical way Steele sets up web sites disguised as independent blogs and damp proofing associations so that the consumer thinks they are getting consumer advice. In fact he uses these web sites to praise his own Lifecote brand, whilst savagely attacking established honest traders in a vengeful orgy lasting… forever – It’s hard to believe but true.

    I’ve put up with this for months and now I see the guy for what he is and he cannot harm me – I just get on with what I do best – being a good employer and good trader – it’s what my real customers think that counts.

    I must say though, that it has shocked me; that this sort of thing can go on, behind the scenes and no government body seems remotely interested.

    Why not sue the bully? Well it’s hugely expensive and Richard has found that there is a trail of unpaid court judgements going back ages – I have oodles of proof of defamation but I think Graham Steele likes the idea that people waste money on Solicitors – gives him a thrill.

    Also – I have a job to do, which I enjoy very much. Spending time on Steele would be like shoveling manure…

    best regards to all.


  5. Why is this person, Graham Steele, so hellbent on carrying out this vendetta on the whole damp proofing industry? Surely its not a battle he can win and only serves to cost him time and money. Makes no sense as he cannot take the industry down. Also seems to have a personal vendetta against Brian which is more worrying.

    Having just joined in this conversation it seems to me if what I’m reading is correct then surely to prevent him from creating misery for others then legal action must be taken.

    I’ve added an addendum to the beginning of the reblog which should offer some balance to anyone who reads this post via this particular blog.

    If you wish I can delete the entry or keep it open to allow an impartial debate.



  6. I run a reputable PCA registered remedial company (i wont say who we are as don’t want this to be an advert for us, but will be pleased to if my comments need substantiating.)

    I have had dealings with Mr Steele and Lifecote for a few years and everything Mr Johnson says is correct. Lifecote, Lifecote Europe, Lifecote Ltd etc etc is not fit for purpose (if you know what I mean!! ) The man has many websites and companies all run by him with different aliases , and steps are being taken by numerous government bodies to stop him.

    He has even set up his own ‘Damp proofing Association’ – DPA in order to fool the public that his companies are accredited, however, only his own companies are allowed to join!!

    He has made up qualifications, which are not affiliated to any external body.

    Can you see where i am going with this…. lots of companies, sophisticated websites and blogs, ‘qualifications’ members of an association…….all in an attempt to deceive the public.

    He appears very credible but if you read Mr johnsons comments, unpick his accounts, look at how long he has actually been trading, see how many companies he has wound up, see the amount of unpaid CCJ’s he has, etc etc you will know everything is far from credible.

    Additionally, i personally know of customers that have had work done, which fails a year or two later and when contacted by him are subject to a torrent of abuse.


  7. Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW

    Hi Trademan4u

    Thank you David.

    For my own view I’d say leave it up because actually it is much more damaging to the liar behind it than to the people being attacked. The public are not fools and they see through this sort of thing. At the begining, when I was trying to reason with him I entered into email discussion and he called himself ‘Dave’. I told him that negative stuff on the internet just rebounds. Let’s face it any trader knows that it is unprofessional to knock another firm and if anything it drives clients away – I explained this but it all just bounced off him.

    I can tell you though, that if it were not for Richard Johnson none of this would be known. The Property Care Association members (contractors, surveyors and manufacturers), owe it to Richard that bully Steele hasn’t just steam rolled over us and got his way.

    To think he has the cheek to claim any affinity with ‘Which’ magazine is laughable and sorry in equal measure. I wish Which would look into Lifecote properly, especially as he is claiming some sort of cosy relationship with them and stealing their laurals.. it’s unbelievable.

    Anyway – thanks David. Funny that all these bad things Steel has done have made lots of us new friends and I had not visited this site and will be a contributor now. I have a blog too (with my real name on it), on which I try to pass on all my experience and knowledge about building preservation issues – this isn’t a plug but if anyone wants to understand these things, have a rummage through my blog for the posts on it.

    best wishes


  8. Hi Bryan, no problem at all. If everything written here is correct I feel really sorry for you that you got in his path. So to speak.

    As you rightly say this sort of discussion should only serve to raise awareness of this particular person, their business and so on and hopefully result in much more damage to their reputation than anyone else’s.

    I will leave the blog entry up but if you change you’re mind at anytime let me know.

    I will be interested to see if Mr Steele stumbles by here.

    Feel free to link to your blog from here if you like



  9. I have also been attacked by Mr Graham Steele for simply asking questions, He has verbally threatened me and my family and the police have been informed, he has also made veiled threats with ‘jerry a can of petrol’ for speaking out against him and again the police have been involved.

    Late last year he had a different blog site and it was closed down by the ISP for posting comments deemed to be defamatory and malicious.

    He has been refused entry into the PCA and GPI DUE TO HIS BUSINESS METHODS. His web sites list companies that are not registered with Companies House.

    A court found against him of impersonating the PCA and he had to pay damages. He is now doing the same thing with the GPI he tries to defraud people into thinking his web sites are legitimate of which they are not.

    See for the full truth about this man and you will stay well clear.
    As for his statements about qualifications unfortunately for Mr Steele qualifications can be confirmed and in this case it was found out that his qualifications were as bogus as the DPA.

    I have known Bryan Hindle for a very long time and he is a very honest and diligent gentleman that like me and others have been attacked for standing up to this person and protecting the public and contractors who may be foolishly drawn in by his lies of large amounts of money to be made.

    If the information within the above web site was not true and proven why have all the major respectable damp proofing and remedial companies along with credible and recognised associations and insurance companies refused to do business with him and in doing so been attacked, but when he was trading with them they were honorable.

    All the information give hear is true and I have screen shots of all the untrue information and lies posted which are in the hands of trading standards, this is why he has to go out of the country to find a host to carry on posting is untrue and vile comments.

  10. Richard G Johnson Ltd

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks Bryan for those kind words.

    The good thing about tall this is that I have made so many new friends and I mean good friends. We have even met for a weekend out on the town!

    Why a person should have so much malice is beyond me. It must be due to some mental problem. If you read the blog post you can feel the nastiness in it. Calling people because they don’t have a degree even though when I checked out Mr Steele’s degree the reply back from the university was ‘we dont run that course’. So come on Mr Steele, let us know where and what you studied?

    If you look hard enough Mr Steele has kindly dedicated a new blog to me. It is unresearched and contains nothing but lies. My lawyers are looking at it at the moment. My qualifications are in building and law although Mr Steele thinks that does not qualify person to help in cases of disputes, so he claims anyway. He’s totally barmy!

    Hopefully legal action by me and others will be in the future but you have to weigh this up against what will we recover in terms of damages. Unfortunately, Steele runs his companies from post office boxs and so there is nothing to seize. A recovery agent for a claimant who successfully sued Steele did go round to his home address and reported back that looking at his house and the area it would be unlikely that they would have any chance of recovering any money.

    He has upset so many people that the end is nigh for his business. He will no doubt spend his time trying to seek revenge but we will do what we have done to date, join together and help each other.

    Like Bryan says, I think you should let this blog run because then people will hear all sides of the story and it will only help in protecting consumers.

    A word of warning David…don’t be surprised if he starts to defame you.

  11. My turn ! I have been following Mr Steele via Richard Johnson’s blog for sometime – and chose to put details on my own business blog, subsequently I have been attacked by tweet and listed as a “cowboy builder” on his dampproofingblog – luckily for me we have a history of giving fantastic service to thousands of customers. However, what sort of man is this ? to vent his vile lies about individuals he has had no dealings with ? Shocking and I will continue to support Richard and all against this ridiculously unpleasant individual. Contact me if you require verification on this . . . . . .

  12. Hi Richard, I will keep the blog up to allow all sides of the story to be heard. I hope he doesn’t start to defame me, as I will remain impartial as the blog host, but who knows…. the world is full of internet warriors!!

    Sounds like a serious problem though so I hope it gets sorted one way or another.

    Blog will remain up unless someone takes offence and asks me to remove it.


  13. I am like Jack and I will not put my full name on at this stage. I support Richard and the others on this. While Steele’s comments to some members are disgusting some are established enough to rise above it; although this doesn’t make it right. Comments made about one PCA member about overcharging the elderly is particularly nasty and untrue. It is too easy for someone to spill out this bile anonymously. Richard Johnson will continue to have my 100% support.

  14. The Property Care Association is a democratic industry body with a long and proud history. It publishes standards operates ethically provides high quality training and certification. It is an organisation committed to representing its members and protecting consumers. In short PCA represents that very best of the Preservation and specialist building repair industry. The Association may be run by a chap who had a job working on a building site when he was 17 but he knows the first thing about building and is committed to improving standards and is passionate about serving an industry that he loves!

    I am very proud to say that PCA is a meritorious organisation that recognises the skills and endeavour of those who strive to deliver the best in customer service. This organisation does not close the door on skilled people who decided to bypass higher education!
    I would invite anyone to scrutinise what the PCA does and how it is operated.
    As for the “Which?” article- Lifecote (Mr Steals fiefdom) was featured as one of the worst performers!!!
    Please take time to look at Mr Johnson’s blog. It is all accurate and should put the initial post in context!

  15. Just this second seen this and want to make clear that we do not endorse nor have any connection whatsoever with Graham Steel/Lifecote/DampProofing Blog. PCA (of which we’re a member), Bryan, and Richard have our full support and backing.

    James Hockey
    Trace Basements, Trace Remedial Building Services.

    PS: My MD/father, (former PCA chairman) has no university degree, yet schools those of us that do almost daily. There is no substitute for experience!!

  16. Just so everyone is clear this article was a repressed blog entry and we ( are not endorsing the content therein. If anything we are keeping it open to allow people the opportunity to discuss/dispute the content of it and give it visibility to a wider audience. We are happy to act as an impartial moderator.

    The original article was posted here:-

    The argument against it is here:-

    Readers are encouraged to read both arguments and decide for themselves.


  17. Richard G Johnson Ltd

    Reblogged this on richard g johnson.

  18. This is a copy of a web site which also backs up every point put forward on this blog so far, all I have done is copied and pasted this.
    May / 2012
    Steele Is A Born Liar
    I met Steele many many, years ago. I have seen it written that he is short and bald with a little man, big chip syndrome. It is absolutely correct, he is that man. He was born rotten to the core and he is no different now. He was always looking for the next trick, the next scam, instead of doing it right. He is a born liar.
    I have seen his Lifecote Europe Ltd website and seen the claims. ‘A family business’ and ‘trading history of 33 years’. It is of course all lies.
    The reality is that he stole the name from Peter Walker. Yes, Peter Walker does exist but he has nothing to do with Lifecote now or Steele. He hates Steele like most people do. The guarantees with Peter Walker’s signature are all false he would not cross the street for Steele, let alone sign guarantees.
    How did Steele come about? He was a scivvy for the original Lifecote company. He was the ‘gofor’, an illiterate little man with bad habits. Don’t be fooled with lies about him having a degree, we could all put ‘Bc’ at the end of our name. He has done exactly that but there is no university, no BSc in fact there is very little education.
    He left school like the people he now calls with NO A levels and wanting very much in education. The signs are there constantly. His first line of attack is a persons education, you have no degree, you have plastic qualifications, you left school at 16. This is the complex he has being that man. A man who was born a liar.

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