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Hedge Trimming Ladders: top 10 must frequently asked hedge trimming questions

Loving the ingenuity!


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What-People-Think-I-Do-Electrician-MemeBored electricians do thisThis curve will set your vehicle on fireThe ClawTaking things literallyStop Hammertime
road-work-ahead-end-road-workNot really construction but still funnyLane closed to ease congestionKeep well left! Reallyhump for 60 yards impressiveHope they don't have Runflats
Do not drive your whelchair into an aligator! We need a sign for thqt apparentlyBaboons with AntlersI dare you to drive over this bridgeAn interesting flight of stairs to try and get upLets put a radiator infront of a door shall we!Pole Dancers Balcony

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Would our health & safety friends approve?

We think not. Continueing with our strange and some might say funny images we’ve found on the web, here we have a rather bizarre one. I literally have no comment on this one! If you do please feel free to add it!!


Upside down house anyone?

So when we saw this picture we couldn’t believe it was true. Had it been April 1st I’d have thought we were having our leg pulled for sure. However, consensus is this picture is real, what do you think? Is it possible to live in an upside down house?


Now this is how to move house!

Moving house is usually quite a stressful experience. Packing up all your belongings, organising removal vans, finding friends and family to help and so on. Why not eliminate all that stress by simply moving your house!

Love it!


All Trades under one roof


The world needs new villains

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