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Another of our web adverts | Find a tradesman

One of our latest Web adverts being released soon.


Recent blog posts – Tradesman4u Blog

As part of our commitment to helping the UK trade and construction industry improve standards and to better equip all tradesmen in doing their job each day Tradesman4u has partnered with Samuel James Wilson of Samuel is an excellent young ambassador for the building trade and who is setting a solid example for young people looking to find a trade and forge a career in the construction industry.

We are delighted that Samuel has agreed to be an outlet for us for anybody young or old wanting help and advice on starting out on an apprenticeship. We thoroughly recommend you join his blog and we look forward to bringing you regular updates on Samuels progress and if you need any help do not hesitate to contact him using the details below. His Blog is well worth a look….

Here is a little about Samuel,

“Im 24 from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I have been in the building trade since I was 15 years old. I have always been interested and intrigued by construction and architecture, I think I get that from my dad who was a joiner by trade [now retired]. I was never very good at school, I never really payed attention in class and always wanted to be the centre of attention, which is probably the reason why I got expelled.

I was given the chance to enter the construction trade with an apprenticeship in Plumbing when this happened, I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. I did this for two years gaining my NVQ Level 2. Looking back I never really enjoyed being a Plumber, under floors and on your knees all day, it was not for me. I then got offered the chance to become a labourer for a local builder and jumped at the chance, at that point I just needed to do something different.

To cut a LONG story short, I am now a fully qualified Bricklayer achieving a distinction and merit during my three years at college. I realised for the first time EVER that Building/Bricklaying was what I really wanted to do with my life whilst at college. I love building things, I love the reaction I get when I do a job for a customer. I finally found my fortay! During the harsh winter that occured during my time there when it wasnt possible to work I would go into college and just spend time building walls, challenging my self with more complicated structures. I would of gone on the weekends if it was possible! I have now been given the biggest opportunity of my life, I have been lucky enough to be chosen out of hundereds of applicants for an apprenticeship with The Princes Foundation. The Building Skill in Craft programme begins in July and I cant wait, its a great honour! I owe all of the things I have achieved to apprentiships. I recommend anyone and everyone to take the step and pester local trades people to take them on. Yes you might be on a rubbish wage for a few years [trust me I had it bad] but at the end of the day, you will never get anywhere without making the effort, but also make sure it is what you want to do. I have come across so many people in the building trade that dont like their job, if you dont like it dont do it.

I will be documenting my time with the Foundation and my future as a Builder through my Blog which I started writing just over two years ago now. The Apprentice-Ship started out as a online diary for myself to document my work so I had something to look back on in later life. It has now been read in over 70 countries around the world and just topped 13,000 hits. The reactions I recive from the Blog constantly surprise me. For more information about myself, my Blog and my apprenticeship with The Princes Foundation, head to my Blog – I am also on Twitter – @SamuelShip AND Facebook – Thanks for taking the time to read this. Samuel-James Wilson As you can tell Samuel is committed to the industry and is an excellent example to anyone looking at getting into the trade. Welcome on board the ApprenticeShip!Tradesman4u

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Dirty Tricks of the Tradesmen | The Australian

MOST tradies are honest, host Chris Hollins tells us, but a few “turn rogue”, as if they’re elite secret agents who stop following protocol.

That cloak-and-dagger theme is carried throughout the episode as Hollins ropes in Roger, an honest tradesman who agrees to carry out some of the more common tradesmen cons on people volunteered by their friends, to see if they fall for them. The presentation is absurd, but then every time I have my car serviced and the mechanic phones me to inform me of all the problems he’s found, there’s a gnawing sense of powerlessness because I have no idea whether what he says is reasonable or not. Beyond the silly hidden camera antics dragged out on shows such as this, there is some useful advice on hiring a tradesman and minimising the chances you’ll be ripped off. While some of it is obvious — get a quote before the start of the job, then get two more from other tradies — I must admit I’m guilty of not always taking these precautions. With this and other shows such as Cowboy Trap coming out of Britain, you have to wonder if they have more shonky tradies or they just like making shows about them. You’d have to pity the honest tradies who must be met with a constant sense of suspicion as a result.

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Local Builders | Find a local Builder | 6 Steps to Success

Local Builders | Find a local Builder | 6 Steps to Success

Tradesman4u has a network of local and recommended Builders

If you are looking for a recommended local builder, then in order to avoid contracting a cowboy you need to head to the internet to choose a tradesman with impartial reviews.

By choosing your next builder online you can improve yourLocal builder network

chances of finding a quality tradesperson and minimise the risk of poor workmanship. The internet allows everyone to be reviewed and gives consumers the ability to publicly rate the work any particular tradesman has carried out.

Our 6 steps to success for choosing and instructing a local builder or tradesperson are:-

1. Set a realistic budget and do some research on the nature of your project. For example checking if you need planning or change of use etc. If so, ensure they are factored into your budget. TOP TIP – Remember to be realistic with your budget also if you want a quality job doing. A shoestring budget may result in disappointment and sometimes its better to wait.

2. Once you have a budget and confirmation that you are in a position to proceed with a job you should post your job for free on our website. When posting your job be as thorough as possible in your job description to ensure the process starts as smoothly as it can.

3. Look to obtain the appropriate number of tenders/quotes for the job you are looking at doing. If you are looking at a reasonably small project then around 3 quotes is usually sufficient. If it’s a particularly large job then perhaps you may look towards 5 quotes. Remember that after 3 or 4 quotes it is unlikely you are going to shave much off the prices as you should have a good ballpark figure for what the job is. If after 3 or 4 quotes none are within budget then its realistic to think it’s probable your budget forecast was insufficient in the first place rather than keep trying to get the job done for less money. TOP TIP Remember the chances are there is always someone out there who will appear to offer you a ‘great’ price but ask yourself if you’ve set a budget of £10,000 and had 4 quotes with prices of £15,000, £15,900, £14,700 and £9,500 then its likely your budget is wrong and the quality of the work may not be what you want. Often the cheapest price can be the most expensive! Ensure also you know the situation with regards VAT on the quote.

4. Once you have spoken to the builders you have received quotes from start to filter them down. Don’t simply go off price (whilst important, a decision on your tradesman should never be based solely on price), read feedback left from our other community members to get a feel for how others have found them, check their professional qualification or that they are members of a relevant trade associations. If appropriate ask to see examples of previous work, many Builders have portfolio pictures along with testimonials on work they have completed in the past. Use your gut feeling too, someone may have been reasonable on price but if you didn’t get the right feel or rapport with them then maybe they are not the right tradesman for you. TOP TIP Use a combination of price, punctuality, ratings, experience and tummy feel to choose the contractor thats best for you.

5. Once you have selected a builder based on the above criteria, it is courteous to let the unsuccessful builders know that you have placed the order elsewhere. If you are uncomfortable in making a telephone call to them then a quick email, voicemail or even text is sufficient. Afterall the tradespeople have taken time to provide you with advice and quotations it is only courtesy to at least let them know they haven’t been successful. TOP TIP It is easier in the long run to let any unsuccessful tenders know about it as chances are they will at some poit look to chase up the quote they have given to you and this will prevent any waisted time or unwanted phonecalls.

6. Once you have everything in writing and you are happy to proceed ensure that timescales, payments schedules and possibly even contracts have all been agreed and signed off. Most builders will be able to discuss with you things such as JCT contracts and even third party payment protectors for both customer and builder benefit. Some builders may ask for payment in advance for materials, others may not and therefore the discussion and sign off process is very important. TOP TIP It is very important to protect your money and we advise as much due diligence as possible before handing over any funds but also remember that it is equally important to any reputable builder that payment terms are clear and the funds are in place to cover the full value of the contract. There are many examples of cowboy builders but there are also many examples of cowboy customers so keep everything clear and transparent in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

If you follow these steps when commissioning a local builder you should generally have a very happy experience and minimise the risk to yourself of any shoddy workmanship. If you’ve followed these steps, and have agreed an incremental payment process also then the risk to both tradesman and customer will be massively reduced.

Get connected with our network of local builders now for free.

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Find a Tradesman the fast and easy way

If you have ever needed to find a tradesman quickly and easily then we are glad to say that we can help. is proud to introduce its innovative and user friendly website designed to make finding a tradesman easy, quick and free.

The website allows visitors to freely post details of the work they require doing in their home and then the system does the rest. If for example you were looking for a Blackpool Builder


then all you would need to do is select the appropriate options from the dropdown boxes on the homepage and tradesman4u will then instantly notify their registered members by both text and email of the details of your work.

Find a tradesman

From there all the interested builders in the Blackpool area who are available and ready to provide you with quotes will contact you based on the information you provided. They are provided with your name, telephone number and the description you input when posting the job. This makes the process much easier for the customer as the builder has all the details they need in front of them.

Once you have been contacted by the tradesmen interested the customer can sign back into their account and they will see the details of the builders and have the ability to read through previous feedback left by other customers who have used their services.

Once you have instructed your workman and the job is completely you can then return to and leave appropriate feedback for them

Why not check it out today.

via’s Trade and Construction Blog: Find a Tradesman the fast and easy way.


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