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Find a Tradesman | Our Golden Rules

These are our golden rules to help you find a tradesman that you can rely on and to help you get the job done.

If you follow these tips when choosing a tradesman you will maximise your chances of getting a quality job carried out.

1. Understand the job you want doing and have a clear brief on the work you require doing. Being clear in your requirements removes any misunderstandings. Understanding your job and having a clear brief saves lots of waisted time, including your own.

2. Obtain an appropriate number of written and detailed quotes. Generally 3 quotes is considered an acceptable number to get a broad range of prices. Check to see if the quote is prepared professionally and has all the tradesman’s contact details and so on.

3. Use our website to research the background and feedback from other customers on the tradesmen. This will allow you to see exactly how they have worked with other customers which is a very good indicator to how your job will be carried out.

4. Carry out additional due diligence on the tradesman. Are they members of any governing bodies, do they carry any client testimonials, do they have landline/email/website points of contact, do they have public liability insurance and so on. Check with your local trading standards to see if any complaints have been registered. All these items can be checked quite easily nowadays.

5. Select your tradesman based on all factors and not just price. As we tell all customers the price is only one factor and whilst important it should not be the sole deciding reason for selecting a tradesperson. Remember to let any unsuccessful people who have quoted know they have been unsuccessful also.

6. Always try and use a written contract which ensures their is no ambuiguity between tradesman and customer. This should include everything from timescales, payment terms and so on. If neccessary get the contract checked by an independant legal advisor before entering in to it. Understand your cancellation rights as a consumer also.

7. If their are any changes or extras to the work during the course of the job ensure they are put in writing and the time/payment costs incurred due to these changes are agreed by both parties.

If you are instructing a contractor to carry out work and they are not able to provide details of things you ask such as insurance documents or contracts then you should ask yourself the question why. Keeping open and easy communication always helps too when undertaking a project, if you spot something you are unhappy with you should mention it as soon as you notice it.

If you follow these useful tips when choosing a tradesman then this will minimise your chances of encountering poor workmanship.

If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us for free impartial advice.

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Would our health & safety friends approve?

We think not. Continueing with our strange and some might say funny images we’ve found on the web, here we have a rather bizarre one. I literally have no comment on this one! If you do please feel free to add it!!


Home Builders Going Online – Business, Marketing, Internet – Builder Magazine

A Brave New World

Customer reviews are now an important way for builders to differentiate.

Home builders are going online with a new way to distinguish their companies from the competition, that is by publishing their customer reviews on the Internet for the world to see. In fact, this approach is fast becoming the most significant change in builder marketing since the advent of social networking. Powered by Facebook, Twitter, and Google, 2012 will be the year that customer transparency goes viral in home building.

In the world of Facebook, great companies now are defined by how many “likes” are awarded by customers. For leading home builders the same principle applies for their customer reviews—garner as many positive customer comments as possible. How does your company stack up in this new measure of success? Do you publish your customer comments on a daily/weekly basis? How about posting actual customer comments from satisfaction surveys direct to Facebook and Twitter? What about posting all your customer feedback regardless of whether it’s good or bad directly to Google? This may sound crazy, but it is exactly what successful builders are doing, with dramatic increases in sales as a result.

Who are these adventurous home builders that dare to break the century old “code of silence” when it comes to what customers actually think about their products and services? Well, the names may surprise you, and it’s a strategy engaged in by companies big and small.

Meritage Homes and Facebook:Meritage Homes, a national, publicly traded home builder, publishes its customer comments directly to Facebook on a daily and weekly basis. These posts engender incredibly positive feedback from followers, but also occasionally draw customer service requests from homeowners, which the company openly allows and publicly responds to as needed. You can visit its Facebook page at to observe how it goes live with customer reviews. Meritage now has over 15,000 likes in just an 18-month period. It leads in sales compared to other builders selling in the same communities throughout the U.S. with award-winning customer satisfaction, daring grassroots marketing, and ground-breaking, energy-efficient homes.

Veridian Homes and Google:Veridian Homes, a single-market builder based in Madison, Wis., leads the market by publishing all its customer satisfaction survey results directly to Google. Simply type “Veridian Homes Reviews” in Google, and you will see a listing displaying its results along with Google Stars that correspond to its level of performance. Veridian goes one step further by displaying actual customer survey scores by community within virtual home tours that are also displayed by Google for easy access by customers. The company has been a leading builder within Wisconsin since the 1950s and continues its success with award-winning customer satisfaction, stylish energy-efficient homes, and a renowned company culture.

Ideal Homes and Twitter:Ideal Homes, based in Norman, Okla., regularly posts its customer reviews to Twitter (through Facebook). Its strategy is to intermix the positive feedback it receives from customers with updates regarding new product releases, market updates, and general company news. Ideal is one of the first builders to embrace Twitter as an extension of its Facebook strategy on a regular basis. You can view its Twitter page @idealhomesok. Ideal is a market leader recognized nationally for its energy-efficient designs, innovative marketing, and award-winning customer satisfaction.

The world is evolving toward corporate transparency due to the astonishing success of social networking, which broadcasts the “voice of the customer” whether positive or negative. Truly, it’s a brave new world that industry leaders have embraced, with marketing that is customer-centric and genuine, and captivates today’s socially connected buyer.

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Welcome to our new Webblog

Welcome to our first official Blog post on our new WordPress webblog. Please feel free to subscribe to us for new and interesting updates each week. Our Blog focuses on news from the world of trade and industry, updates on our website and finally bringing you offers from our partners that may be of use to you as a tradesperson


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