Trade Till

Your Online Cash Register

TradeTill makes taking card payments really easy. We work with PayPal to make it quick and secure for your customers to pay and for you to receive payments.

Your online cash register allows you to request payments, create flexible payment buttons and simply take card payments.

Each online cash register has its own unique link which you can share with customers to visit and make a payment.

Request Payments / Invoice Clients

You can quickly send clients an invoice or payment request from your Web Browser or Smartphone. Simply enter the clients details and the amount to pay and the customer will receive an email with a button ready to click and pay.

All correspondence in your company branding 

When a client receives an email payment request, visits the page to pay or receives a payment confirmation they will see your branding and colours. You can add your logo and choose your colours in your online cash register settings.

Create payment buttons for products and services

You can produce payment links which, when clicked, will take the customer to a page with your item details and a button to pay. They can be used to take basic payments or signup paid subscriptions and can be displayed as buttons on your website or as links which you can share. You can keep track of all the sales for the item in your online cash register.

Offer Your Customers Promos and Discounts

You can add up to 5 different ‘Promos/DIscounts’ to your items meaning you can offer different savings to your clients. These can be either ‘Early Bird’ discounts or money-off using Promo Codes you define. You set the price and promo expiration date (if any) then promote to your clients.

Keep Track of Payments and Requests

It is important to know who has paid and who has not so any outstanding payment requests are easily accesible and can be re-sent or cancelled at any time. Once paid, the request is marked as completed and a transaction record is logged. Any other payments taken with your online cash register will also appear in the transactions log. You can view all transactions together or see just the transactions for a specific payment link/button and also search and filter the list for details.

Take Payments With Peace of Mind

We understand how important security is to both you and your customers and that is why we take every precaution to keep your data safe. Neither you or TradeTill will ever need to handle your customers personal card details. All of this is  taken care of by the PayPal Secure Server which utilises industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt any personal information including debit/credit card numbers.

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