What are the benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation?

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Having a good insulation solution is something that is often overlooked by homeowners, with many seemingly disregarding the extra savings and related benefits that having a full loft and wall insulation system can provide for them. Masses of heat is lost through the walls and lofts of homes every year, thanks to their poor insulation qualities, and this is something that really needs to change.

However the unfortunate thing about insulation is that there is always an upfront cost involved. No matter what the potential future benefits of the work, having the work done in the first place is often a barrier that many people simply aren’t willing to navigate past without some solid information under their belts.

With this in mind, we are going to look at some of the benefits associated with cavity wall insulation, providing as much information as possible as to why such a solution is ideal for any home that has a cavity.

Cavity wall insulation is most useful for homes that were built after the 1930s. Homes built before this time period were usually solid wall homes, which themselves had rather poor insulation qualities. For such properties, solutions like external wall insulation and internal wall insulation exist. However cavity wall insulation is required for the homes that were built with an external wall that consisted of two smaller walls with a gap in between.

So what are the benefits of cavity wall insulation? Well, for starters…

Effective cavity wall insulation reduces energy bills

Statistics indicate that approximately 45% of the heat lost in a home escapes through the walls of the property, a number that can be massively reduced with the implementation of good cavity wall insulation. This is all energy that is being paid for and then not used by the homeowner, which of course means that energy bills soar to levels that they need not be reaching. Cavity wall insulation can help to reduce the heat loss dramatically, ensuring that less energy is needed to keep a home at a chosen temperature.

Cavity wall insulation can increase the value of a home

For many people, having insulation installed is a long term investment that can also indicate that a homeowner is fully committed to settling at their property. However, with the introduction of the Energy Performance Certificate, this is no longer the case. Having insulation installed allows you to instantly add value to your property by increasing the home’s rating substantially. This serves to make the property much more attractive to prospective buyers, in addition to reducing their own fears that they would have to spend time and money to have the work done themselves.

Your home becomes much more environmentally friendly

We have already covered how having insulation can help save a homeowner a ton of money. However that shouldn’t be the only reason to have it cavity insulationinstalled. The simple fact of the matter is that cavity wall insulation makes your home more energy efficient. In doing this it makes your home more environmentally friendly and allows the homeowner to reduce their own carbon footprint. We live in an age of increasing awareness when it comes to environmental issues, so anything that you can do to make your home greener should be seen as a positive.

Cavity wall insulation can reduce condensation

Of course, the primary concern when having cavity wall insulation installed is ensuring that you keep your home nice and warm. However that isn’t the only benefit that comes with having an effective insulation solution installed.

All homes generate moisture, simply due to the fact that there will often be occasions when warm air comes into contact with a cold surface, which in turn leads to condensation. This can cause mould and black spots in the home if it is not monitored and kept in check. Having cavity wall insulation installed can prevent this, as it allows the home to maintain a warmer temperature, reducing the amount of cold surfaces that water vapour can condense on.

Cavity wall insulation is extremely tidy

Another issue that many people have with insulation is the possibility of the insulation making a home seem unsightly. After all, loft insulation requires a lot of material being placed in the attic and even older versions of cavity wall insulation could leave a home with a number of unsightly holes across the outer surface. Newer techniques in cavity wall insulation have reduced this issue substantially however, with technologies like bead lances allowing for a single hole to be drilled and used install the cavity wall insulation. In addition to this, the insulation itself goes into gaps in the property’s walls, meaning it is never visible to the homeowner.

Cavity wall insulation is something that all homeowners should look into if it is relevant to their property. The benefits that can be provided are simply too numerous to justify not having the technology installed!

Domestic & General Insulation Ltd are one of the foremost insulation installers in the UK and can provide advice on a range of insulation solutions.


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Recent blog posts – Tradesman4u Blog

As part of our commitment to helping the UK trade and construction industry improve standards and to better equip all tradesmen in doing their job each day Tradesman4u has partnered with Samuel James Wilson of http://www.apprentice-ship.com. Samuel is an excellent young ambassador for the building trade and who is setting a solid example for young people looking to find a trade and forge a career in the construction industry.

We are delighted that Samuel has agreed to be an outlet for us for anybody young or old wanting help and advice on starting out on an apprenticeship. We thoroughly recommend you join his blog and we look forward to bringing you regular updates on Samuels progress and if you need any help do not hesitate to contact him using the details below. His Blog is well worth a look….

Here is a little about Samuel,

“Im 24 from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I have been in the building trade since I was 15 years old. I have always been interested and intrigued by construction and architecture, I think I get that from my dad who was a joiner by trade [now retired]. I was never very good at school, I never really payed attention in class and always wanted to be the centre of attention, which is probably the reason why I got expelled.

I was given the chance to enter the construction trade with an apprenticeship in Plumbing when this happened, I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. I did this for two years gaining my NVQ Level 2. Looking back I never really enjoyed being a Plumber, under floors and on your knees all day, it was not for me. I then got offered the chance to become a labourer for a local builder and jumped at the chance, at that point I just needed to do something different.

To cut a LONG story short, I am now a fully qualified Bricklayer achieving a distinction and merit during my three years at college. I realised for the first time EVER that Building/Bricklaying was what I really wanted to do with my life whilst at college. I love building things, I love the reaction I get when I do a job for a customer. I finally found my fortay! During the harsh winter that occured during my time there when it wasnt possible to work I would go into college and just spend time building walls, challenging my self with more complicated structures. I would of gone on the weekends if it was possible! I have now been given the biggest opportunity of my life, I have been lucky enough to be chosen out of hundereds of applicants for an apprenticeship with The Princes Foundation. The Building Skill in Craft programme begins in July and I cant wait, its a great honour! I owe all of the things I have achieved to apprentiships. I recommend anyone and everyone to take the step and pester local trades people to take them on. Yes you might be on a rubbish wage for a few years [trust me I had it bad] but at the end of the day, you will never get anywhere without making the effort, but also make sure it is what you want to do. I have come across so many people in the building trade that dont like their job, if you dont like it dont do it.

I will be documenting my time with the Foundation and my future as a Builder through my Blog which I started writing just over two years ago now. The Apprentice-Ship started out as a online diary for myself to document my work so I had something to look back on in later life. It has now been read in over 70 countries around the world and just topped 13,000 hits. The reactions I recive from the Blog constantly surprise me. For more information about myself, my Blog and my apprenticeship with The Princes Foundation, head to my Blog – www.Apprentice-Ship.com I am also on Twitter – @SamuelShip AND Facebook – http://www.Facebook.com/TheApprenticeShip Thanks for taking the time to read this. Samuel-James Wilson As you can tell Samuel is committed to the industry and is an excellent example to anyone looking at getting into the trade. Welcome on board the ApprenticeShip!Tradesman4u

via Recent blog posts – Tradesman4u Blog.

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